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Re: 7mm mag /ELD-X

07 Feb 2017
@ 05:34 pm (GMT)

Bryan Webster

I did not want to barge in on this thread but eps was curious...
Why no 28 to 30 inch barrels on a hunting rifle? Well I guess I have nothing against those who do use them all right. Their choice.

That being said, if I were six foot 5 or better with long arms, they would be more manageable from an all around hunting rifle. Not for me however, I found the one long bbl rifle I had that was being used mostly for target shooting and was just fine in that situation but I ended up shooting shorter barreled rifles with 50 to 100 fps less velocity and could put the bullet right where I wanted as long as the darned wind did not foul things up with little difference, and better balance/comfort to carry and shoot. Those rifles though a bit heavier got to go hunting with me as well.

My hunting rifles have mostly been 22 to 24 inch barrels and I have taken long shots but by far prefer to stalk closer. Often enough through heavy bush where I do not prefer longish barrels.

My latest 7mm Remington Magnum sports a 25 inch barrel only because the caliber is a bit hard on barrels and it gives me a bit of room to redo the barrel if the throat wears faster than I want it to....which will turn it into about a 24 inch barrel I would guess. This rifle too, as well as many of my rifles do bughole groups and perform well enough for any longer shots at game i may want to take.


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