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Crow 436 m

26 Jan 2013
@ 04:42 pm (GMT)

[email protected]


Today's sunny and windless day in the morning I constantly evoked in the minds of crows hunt for a long range. This morning I had planned to look at other fox, but the fog again meadows and subsequent morning hunt I just confirmed that it is not worth the nice days in our suburban forest hunting ever ride, from morning twilight runners, dog owners, just Wenceslas Square.
After lunch we set off to the next hunting ground to the rack, as it allowed in those days quite a cough, but there is always something to be, I'm bringing a new batch of core. Along the way I look after crows, teaching will be pastures, and one of them has a forward sealed. With them, I have a 308W CZ 550 Sniper with excellent Sightron, many gun shooting range during my visits with contempt overlooked (it's "just CZ"), but each time only until the moment before they discover that their more expensive weapons definitely no shoots better. So if today will not again destroy me, and therefore I do not ever intend crow hunt. In addition, black crow, yet I fished exclusively gray and black still not caught.
It is very interesting that of all the great hunting crows are popular right now for specific grazing farm, and other equally nice, totally ignored.
As almost always, the crows are in place, just over 300 m from me. Viewing pasture, there are a few pheasant cocks, and directly flock of crows makes its way to strip old growth. If you violate the minimum distance, while crows are receding, but suggest incidents involving a pheasant roosters but completely ignore, even if it is seen that they are alert.
Cocks had already disappeared in Starin, suddenly a whole flock of crows frightens, rises and trips to the center of the mighty oak pastures. Flock includes about twenty pieces, and at least five of them are black crows, the rest gray crows. Oak is on a slope, the perfect safe shooting. I measure the trunk, it's simple and Leica repeatedly shows me 436 m That's my choice and crow black, which sits on the side of my view tree, about 5 m above the ground. Setting correction flash drop shots for my loads is 8 MOA, the wind is immeasurable, almost absolute calm, and lateral correction is only one click on the derivative. Equal to the weapon by levels, tightens bipod, I feel a great location and just carefully settles bag under the butt. Described this way it looks like a long preparation, but it is a matter of seconds. 32x magnification, cross the center of the crows.
Thumping shot when shooting prone is pretty sound much nicer than when shooting in other positions. But what I see in the wound in the riflescope beats all pleasing sounds. Crow denotes action without losing a single feather, absolutely without any movement stiff as a stone falls to the ground.
Yeah, I got it!
After a quick march up the hill pasture stand breathlessly, but very satisfied above a black crow.

Crow beyond 400 m it is really long range.


26 Jan 2013
@ 04:48 pm (GMT)

[email protected]

Re: Crow 436 m
26 Jan 2013
@ 06:52 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Crow 436 m
Very nice!
27 Jan 2013
@ 11:08 am (GMT)


Re: Crow 436 m
Yes very nice, thank you for sharing! Aj


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