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&mm-08 Loads

02 Dec 2012
@ 03:04 am (GMT)

Mark Whitaker

I finally had a Sunday off so I went down to Kurrimine Beach Rifle Range and got to do some work on the 7mm-08.

Basic stats:
Remington 700 Mountain SS New Model with Bell & Carlson Stock. 22" barrel.
Norma Brass
Federal 210 Primer
Hornady AMax 162gr
ADI Benchmark 8208 Powder. Recommended ADI 40.2gr & 2725fpm in a 24" test barrel.
Standard COL 2.80" / 71.12mm. I loaded mine to 71.14mm COL.

Sea Level, 27 deg C

The rifle is brand new, no bedding yet and an old style trigger fitted that has been gunsmithed to about 2lb pull. Scope used was a Nightforce 3.5-15x50.

All loads produced 1" to 1.5" 3 shot groups. More my lack of practice, but a good start.

3 metre velocities as follows:

1. 2645
2. 2637
3. 2637

1. 2678
2. 2641
3. 2666

1. 2686
2. 2684
3. 2658

39.7gr Most consistant, widest group 2"
1. 2695
2. 2698
3. 2686

40.2gr Max ADI load
1. 2715
2. 2725
3. 2728

40.7gr Group 1.25" second best group.
1. 2723
2. 2745
3. 2763

41.2gr Smallest group just under 1". Slight pressure signs around firing pin mark on primer. Still easy to extract.
1. 2774
2. 2793
3. 2781

I did not expect these velocities from a 22" barrel.



02 Dec 2012
@ 03:19 am (GMT)

Mark Whitaker

Re: &mm-08 Loads
By the way, I shot 1 box of Federal 150gr SP Factory ammo to break the barrel with lots of cleaning and cooling the barrel.

When shooting the development loads I shot a very slow 2 groups of 3, 6 total, then cleaned the barrel and fired 1 Federal load before starting another very slow 6 string set. Firing all shots above took about 5 hours. It was very hard to keep the thin barrel from getting hot!!

02 Dec 2012
@ 06:42 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: &mm-08 Loads
Thanks Mark, those are good velocities for sure.

Range work can be very taxing for sure. I know just what you mean. Your procedures sound quite fine.
08 Dec 2012
@ 08:15 pm (GMT)

Mark Whitaker

Re: &mm-08 Loads
Stage 2

COL of rifle as per Method 1 - 74.8mm (2.9449 in)

Magazine will only allow a max usable COL of 71.8mm

So I have loaded some rounds all using 41.0gr of Benchmark 8202 at 71.8mm and 74mm.

The 74mm will be single feed.

I will note the difference in groups and velocity, if any. If they are better with the longer COL than the magazine allows, I will have to go down the route of AI Mags.

I will try and get to the range next week and report back.

Also I think the previous spread in velocities was due to my old Lee scales. I have just bought a Redding No2 and it is much more accurate and consistant. These new rounds have all been loaded using the Redding.



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