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Re: 30-06 or?

10 Aug 2016
@ 12:17 am (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Yep, bloody hard to beat out of the box & they generally don't need bedding to perform!

The Varmint is only 400'ish grams heavier and 1" longer and has a 5 round mag std. Better stock shape than the Lite for field shooting and will help aid accurate longer shots (main requirement). In the field a bit the extra weight will be a bonus which will also come from good optics as Thomas has said.
Ask Nathan about guys trying to shoot std Lites accurately in the field (or SPS's in plastic stocks), takes a lot of concentration and good technique.

If you want to talk Rem's then cool but please be aware that they generally need a little tweaking, as said on here in many other threads.
I prefer the Rems which may seem strange given my call on a Tikka 06 Varmint. If you want to work on your gear then yep go the Rem if it meets your needed specs.


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