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Re: 30-06 or?

09 Aug 2016
@ 08:44 am (GMT)

Benn Harvey-Walker

Thank you all for the input. Really appreciate it.

My feelings were that with modern powders and projectiles, and assuming barrel quality being relatively equal, I couldn't see any reason why a 30-06 would shoot necessarily any less accurately than a 308.

The thread of doubt came from reports about competition shooting back when the 30-06 was the mainstay and the 308 was the newcomer ... 40-odd years ago.

My 6.5x55 is my go-to rifle (about to put a new True-flite barrel on it), but given it runs out of puff by about 400 yards, I'm interested in a longer range cartridge. Not uncommon to see game out to 600+ yards where I often shoot - when you can see through the mirage.

As it happens, I already have a 308, but I'm in the process of selling it ... too heavy for field use. More of a bench rifle.

I did consider a 300WM for a while, or a 7mm Rem Mag, but I'd prefer a rifle that doesn't "need" to be braked, and I really can't see myself needing to reach out that extra couple of hundred yards.

Thanks again chaps!



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