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Re: 30-06 or?

08 Aug 2016
@ 11:46 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

The good old internet, the place to go for completely unqualified opinions.

I deal with .30-06 rifles on a week to week basis and love this caliber. The rifle in the tips and tricks video for example shoots through one small hole. The rifle in the M700 stainless forum thread is shooting into .3".

The statement you made (from the internet info), would be better qualified if someone had said- a .308 with a match bullet leade angle will be more inherently accurate for long range than a .30-06 with a hunting bullet leade angle. Solution? Change the leade ange in the .30-06- if you have to.

But in this instance, we are tallking about a lefty. Tikka already have a good lead angle. There is a group shot with a Tikka .30-06 on our accurizing page as an example. You may end up with some jump whether you go with the .30-06 or .300 WSM if you run the 200-208gr bullet weight. But I think you could make either work if you neck size.

What I mean to say is, you are on the right track.


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