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Stocky's new LR Rem Composite Stock???

24 May 2016
@ 01:13 am (GMT)

Martin Taylor

I posted this in here because it's my intended use!

Does anybody have any reports or have you handled these new stocks? Are they flimsy or solid in the forestock area?
Maybe one of our US guys have handled one at a gun show?

It has the wanted design features/shape without the big $ price tag for our Remington L/A build. Just looking into affordable options to help with build costs.

Cheers Marty


20 Jun 2016
@ 11:52 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Stocky's new LR Rem Composite Stock???
Hi Marty, I have not tried this stock yet.

I don't know if you have shot vertical grip before. It suits some people and certain shooting styles but is not for all. If you look at the crease of your palm bordering your thumb muscle, you will not that it is at an angle, not at 90 degrees.
21 Jun 2016
@ 09:35 pm (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: Stocky's new LR Rem Composite Stock???
No mate never shot a vertical grip but l get what you mean, thanks.

I still run my thumb up the comb, not across, finding this style the most comfortable for multiple reasons, giving me the best trigger/grip control that suits my grip strength-feel Issues l'm battling with.

This grip style was first adopted from having to master the current, bloody silly, kid sized comb shape on the Police/Sendero stocks. Leaning towards a more traditional style old Sendero or M40 comb/stock to help with juniors learning. Just need to find one we can afford, may even end up getting one sent over from the States.

The hunt continues!!!
22 Jun 2016
@ 03:58 am (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: Stocky's new LR Rem Composite Stock???
That's not a bad price, even in USD. Interesting the comparisons they make to other manufacturers. Another good read is on the Boyds site about how wood is better than synthetic.

Guess it depends on what your demographic target is.
22 Jun 2016
@ 01:19 pm (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: Stocky's new LR Rem Composite Stock???
Hey there Paul, I know the Boyds stocks using laminated woods work well, but have always felt what they said was advertising jargon rather than factual comparison. The new Carbon stocks as well as my B&C and HS Precision stocks might not be as cute as a beautiful piece of french walnut, but doggone it, they sure work better than wood for me.
22 Jun 2016
@ 01:33 pm (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: Stocky's new LR Rem Composite Stock???
I have shot a rifle with a stock built very similar to the shape of the Stocky stock you have posted the link to. It was a .30/06 with a trued Remington action and a Kreiger 24 inch barrel. I did not find any issue with it at all, and actually appreciated how I could get my trigger finger precisely where and at the right angle so readily. The price as Paul says is very good, and even if you find the aluminum block needs some skim bedding, it may be worth a try.

If the thing is too slippery, you might try some method of adding stifling to improve the grip where you need to, as that is what the fellow whose rifle I tried had done. Another thing to think about is the height of the cheek area. His had an adjustable cheek riser. You might want to ask them if that might be an option, or if after using it, and find you need one just use a stock pack with a few strips of velcro or other padding under it to adjust height up or down as needed.
29 Jul 2016
@ 04:37 pm (GMT)

Tyson Swimley

Re: Stocky's new LR Rem Composite Stock???
This is a bit of an old post but I own one and love it. I posted a review at The High Road:

Hope that helps!
08 Aug 2016
@ 11:46 pm (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: Stocky's new LR Rem Composite Stock???
Cheers Tyson.

its always good to see a users review and especially after a bit of time has passed.

The forend flex is of concern with my shooting style though I would still been keen to handle one of these if l could.
I know a fella who's heading to the US that could check one out for me & it's still high on my list as they're so affordable, which is important for this build.


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