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.308 loads

29 Oct 2012
@ 08:37 pm (GMT)

Longy .

Hi Nathan, I've got a Rem 700 Ltr wth a 20" barrel that I use for hunting pigs as well as shooting gongs. Due to the terrain I hunt in most shots range from 10-200m, however I shoot steel out to 800yds. Is there a projectile/load that can effectively be used for both the shorter hunting ranges as well as the longer target work or am I better off having a dedicated hunting load and a dedicated target load? Thanks


31 Oct 2012
@ 06:17 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: .308 loads
Hi Longy, if you are doing a lot of close in work around the 10 to 50 yard mark, plus encountering large boars, the 178 grain A-max will best serve your needs for both hunting and gong work.

For typical porker sized pigs in semi open terrain, the 168 grain A-Max is quite sufficient for a dual purpose load.
As I type these words, a rifle sits on the bench beside me, a bush come long range rifle with 20" barrel. The rifle will be used on pigs and Red deer. I will set the rifle up with a 178 grain A-max to fulfill the clients close range/large body weight needs as well as long range needs. The low velocity of the 178 grain load (around 2560fps) will help ensure deep penetration- even with full fragmentation with the ability to render adequately wide wounding out to 1400fps (usually around 800 yards).

31 Oct 2012
@ 09:37 pm (GMT)

Longy .

Re: .308 loads
Thanks Nathan, I'll try the 168 grainers. Do you have you any recommendations regarding powder and primers, I'll be using winchester brass. Also how far of the lands do you recommend? Thanks
31 Oct 2012
@ 10:12 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: .308 loads
Win brass
Fed 210 Primer
ADI 2206H (H4895)
168gr A-max
COAL 71mm (the .308 cannot be seated for close bullet jump, please see COAL article in KB).

Test loads
1 fouler 42.5 grains
3x 42.5
3x 43
3x 43.5
3x 44
3x 44.5

Fine tune with .2 grain increments after initial tests- if required.


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