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Re: remington 700 long range

02 Apr 2016
@ 08:50 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Looks almost like a poxy half inch thread? Am guessing the thread is actually M14, still seems like a great waste of material. Could have used an M16 thread on that beast. Anyway, yes, cut it away if you want to.

These are a good rig. Just keep the bore free of rust as per the book series. I have specific shooting tips for this rifle in the final book.

Looks as though the bore has yet to be properly run in and conditioned. Again, follow the Accurizing book.

Rough chambers do occur in the Rem line from time to time. This can be cleaned up if need be.

Would be good to try some Superfomance 180gr SST through the rifle. Expensive but it will tell you if the chamber is sticky. Load will go around 3130fps based on my observations of current batches.


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