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Re: BSA CF2 in 30-06, Rebarrel to 35 Whelen ?

28 Feb 2016
@ 11:24 am (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Sorry but :0 It doesn't work like that. Hit it like you mean it ! You watch a fencer or builder hitting in nails. They use a full swing to get the most kinetic energy into the hammer so that the nail gets driven into the wood! Swinging the hammer head hard and fast makes it really ring and sends a high energy Ping of vibration through the steel and the tapered pin just pops open.A heavy hammer just bruses and deforms the metal....... Make sure you leave the castle nut loose over the threads so the tie rod end doesn't fly out and damage you or the vehicle. And if you miss the threads wont be damaged.. Bub Andrews, an old mechanic taught me how to get these out. His words "don't hit it like a girl ".


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