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Re: P-14 found in the bottom drawer

27 Feb 2016
@ 10:23 pm (GMT)

Paul Leverman

In a previous conversation with one gunsmith, and from comments made here, I tried to find a barrel with a larger diameter, somewhere around the 1.325" that is "spec" for the P-14. But, as we all know about specs, they are open to interpretation. I did find one barrel maker in Alberta who can supply me with a 1.3" barrel, and everyone else can supply 1.250", of course. In talking to one supplier, he pulled some "drop-in" or "pre-fit" off the shelf and measured them while we were on the phone. It turns out that specs aren't necessarily what you need to go by. For the most part, the knox of these barrels were 1.200" and the threads mic'd out at 1.124". That leaves even less to work with for a shoulder diameter, and makes a 1.250" barrel even more attractive. I'm going to check once more with my smith to see if he's comfortable with these diameters, and also ask what you all think about this. Any input, for or against, would be appreciated. Thanks, eh?


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