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Re: two twist rates one barrel????

26 Feb 2016
@ 02:17 am (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

THREAD HIJACK sorry guys.
The recoil will be horrendous. I am only using my own thoughts to analysis this and may be totally wrong! My thoughts are that as powder burns the pressure builds and recoil builds progressively. Similar to the hp torque curve of a petrol engine as rpm increases.. An electric motor makes maximum torque at zero rpm. So the rail gun will smash hard as it reacts to the input of energy. Then again its probably possible that it would fire a 10 grain bullet at 7,000 fps. Put that into quick load for the ft lbs it makes? You will need tungsten cored pre grooved and lubed projectiles. The rail gun(Electro magnetic cannon) videos are quite incredible to watch


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