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Question for Nathan and others about 6.8SPC II

26 Feb 2016
@ 12:49 am (GMT)

Craig Henard

I am thinking about getting a 6.8 SPC II upper for my DPMS Sportical AR for Deer hunting.

100 to 200 pound deer at ranges from 25 yards in the woods to MAX of 200 yards in agri fields. Scoped using rangefinder.

Seems like an interesting low recoil idea for those circumstances.

Would this cartridge be enough for ethical taking of 200 yard shots with factory ammo out of either a 16 or 18 inch barrel??

If so which factory ammo would you choose?



26 Feb 2016
@ 02:08 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Question for Nathan and others about 6.8SPC II
Hi Craig, there are a lot of people raving about this at the moment as if there had never been such a thing as the .270 cal bore and as though nobody has ever had experience using the original .270 Win at 300 yards plus.

But this is what we have, a cartridge that emulates long shots with the .270 using varmint bullets. It also shares characteristics of the .257 / 6.5 cartridges firing light bullets and used at 250-300 yards and also the 7mm-08 and 7x57.

Collectively among the forum members here, there should be plenty of understanding of what occurs when you fire a varmint bullet and use it out long. This is how the 6.8 Special Police Constable (Very Metal) works in close.

Key factors, the bullets are light and are very thin jacketed. The jackets have to be thin because energy is low (think impact velocities of 1800-2200fps), so low that it makes it difficult for the bullet to expand.

But- with low impact velocities, we do gain some penetration, even with varmint bullets. So like the .243 out past 200 yards and also in some ways akin to the Swede, we need to aim forwards to strike the autonomic plexus. We can also break bone to maximize trauma without too much bullet upset.

Try the Hornady range of ammo including both the 110gr V-Max and 120gr SST.

Like I say, all the rage at the moment but then so was the "highly economical" Honda Civic and Suzuki (whatever it was called) in its day.

If you go for meat saver shots, you'll get runners. Some folk find this fine, not really my ideal. We each have our own definitions of what constitutes good performance. To some, cost comes first, speed of killing second. To others, its about comparing one AR15 cartridge or load to another AR15 cartridge or load relative to speed of killing but in this instance within the realms and limitations of the AR15 platform. So again, we each differ in our reasoning. One person will rave while another (Elmer Keith) may be put into a black mood by the very thought of it.

A good number of people (again using comparisons to paint a picture) would rather shoot game at 300 yards with .270Win than use a .223 on deer at any range (body shots). It is not too difficult to see the appeal of the 6.8 in this regard.
26 Feb 2016
@ 04:20 am (GMT)

Craig Henard

Re: Question for Nathan and others about 6.8SPC II
Hi Nathan
Thanks for you input

I hope I didn,t come off as thinking that this cartridge or concept is something new.
I am just interested in the concept (old or new) of a low recoil cartridge for deer hunting with the understanding of the limitations of the cartridge and choosing my shot ranges,bullet placement ,bullet choice very carefully.

Similar in concept to hunting with a handgun(Of which I did for 12 years exclusively )
I reloaded my ammo with bullets I cast myself ,water dropped wheelweights,2 part bullets with pure lead for the nose and water dropped lead for the base,and Paper patched pure lead bullets.Using the same criteria as I stated in my first paragraph.

Made my own self bows and arrows out of Hickory and hunted with them using the same criteria.

I like the shoulder shot slightly forward of the line of the front leg as i find that this normally puts a deer down very fast as opposed to lung shots,or heart shots which again normally allow a deer to run much farther.

I in no way form or fashion have ever taken as many game animalsas you and never will BUT I have taken enough that IF I kill a deer fine and if I dont fine and care enough about an animal suffering to absolutely not take a shot unless I feel it is well within my and my choice of weapons capabilities.

I HIGHLY value your opinion and input and IF you dont think that 200 yards is an ethical limit for the cartridge then I Will limit the range to what you think would be a max range.And happily hunt within the ethical ranges of the cartridge.
IF it means I dont take an animal because it is too far or a bad shot presentation thats fine no big deal.

Once again Nathan I thank you very much for your input,
and hope you and your family are doing fine.
As for myself I just had Triple bypass heart surgery on Feb 1st and feel like crap!

26 Feb 2016
@ 04:42 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Question for Nathan and others about 6.8SPC II
Gosh, I hope you can find your way to feeling better soon Craig. Yes, we are all well thanks.

You'll get to 200 yards (1800fps) and a bit. There has been a big rush to make sure the bullets used will expand at 6.8 velocities- although there are still limits.

Like you say, if you can keep your shots forwards, you will be able to shoot out a ways. The suggested loads will be adequate to 1800fps but run right out of steam at 1600fps (no energy to expand) or around 300 yards and wind drift may make shot placement difficult at this range. You can try for 300 but do aim to break bone for best results.

Self bows and arrows- very interesting.
26 Feb 2016
@ 08:52 am (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: Question for Nathan and others about 6.8SPC II
there is a whole forum for 6.8 users......find posts by fella who goes by XMan and have a read...he has done quiet a bit of testing in cunning bullet traps and compares apples with apples
there are some really good Barnes type projectiles and some ok types
also tests done on other types aswell
not the same as Nathan shooting goats but as said apples with apples
Id love one in the ruger mini 14 configuration for a bush rifle....... wouldnt do anything my current rifles do now but should be more accurate than the x39mm and hit harder than the .223
I own a .270 so there would be a cross over in components.
26 Feb 2016
@ 06:12 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: Question for Nathan and others about 6.8SPC II
hi Craig.
i can't comment on the 6.8spc but i thought i would mention Eloy from this forum did make a 358/grendal for his AR might be worth some research as it would make a nice 200 yard deer round.
think there is few versions 358 gremlin and 35 hoosier as well.
all the best on your recovery.


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