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Re: Devcon is cheaper.....

22 Feb 2016
@ 05:41 pm (GMT)

Cor Nepgen

Hi All,

I just finished bedding my .30 06 M700 with the Match Grade Bedding Compound. I don't have any experience with other kinds of epoxy or other kinds of alternatives. It took me two tries to get it (My mistakes not the product.)

I think apart from the product being exceptionally nice to work with, the amount of information on how to go about the job is really thorough. This forum has a lot of info in threads, the videos and book really cover all the basis.

So for me the support and advice alone makes it worth while! (And being from South Africa with an absolutely silly exchange rate I think it says a bit.)

I really enjoyed the whole process and think it came out rather nice! Hope to get time to go to the range this weekend to check results!




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