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New Browning bullets

19 Feb 2016
@ 08:48 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Hi guys, this is your turn to be the expert.

Browning have released new factory ammo for their rifles along with the usual talk it up blurb.

The new bullets are "designed specifically for White Tail deer". Promoted in such a way as to say other bullets are too tough for lean deer and basically pushing the idea that we have gone down the wrong track (core bonding / solid copper etc). There is some merit to this, but there are also limitations and I have no doubt these bullets will be used on other animals.

There will be a full range of ammo but for now, have a think about the 155gr .30 cal bullet. This will be loaded in .308 through to the magnums.

What I want you to do is look at the bullet (on their site) and take note of the width of the HP behind the polymer tip. I want you to assume that the jacket material is the same as a basic Interlock / Core Lokt and other bullets. Jacket material does not vary a great deal among these. The bullet has a flat base but the large polymer tip will help keep BC's up a bit.

Now use the knowledge you have gained on this site and from the books and your own field data and tell me what to expect from this bullet.

How will it perform at close ranges on light deer (impact 2900fps)?

How will it perform if somebody uses it on wild boar or like weight bear at close ranges?

Would you use this for woods or open country?

What do you suspect is the safe impact velocity cut off point for wide wounding without field testing?

What other pre-existing bullets do you know of that have similar features (and perhaps similar limitations) in .30 caliber? Note; there are at least three and one was immensely popular as a factory load for a long time.


19 Feb 2016
@ 09:11 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: New Browning bullets
Note that this ammo is made by Winchester (a clue for the above questions).
19 Feb 2016
@ 09:54 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: New Browning bullets
The Winchester silvertip is what sprung to mind.
Its interesting that the wsm and win mag is listed at same velocity and theres only 100fps between 308 and 30.06
20 Feb 2016
@ 12:58 am (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: New Browning bullets
so in practice its a .30/30 HP with a hard hunk of plastic jammed in the front to make it open up

I LOVED the old school silvertips in .30/30 and in the .270
but others had short range blowup issues with them (sounds like AMax)

my educated guess is big heavy animal up close you will end up with shallow crater if trying for shoulder shot(maybe they thinking meatsaver???)
and guys are going to loose animals with big blood trail but no carcase at end of it.

open country would be my pick...along similar lines as Nosler Ballistic tips

and its a softy and 2600fps should be its best operating speed????

no I wont be buying them any time soon but intrigued as to why 134grn in .270
20 Feb 2016
@ 03:15 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: New Browning bullets
Well done guys, bloody well done.
20 Feb 2016
@ 04:23 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: New Browning bullets
having a good teacher makes the difference.

its interesting seeing which companies own which.
when i first saw federal fusions i assumed they would preform similar to speer hot cors.
i have since found out they are both owned by same company so you really got to wonder how different they are.
not sure if you have done testing on both Nathan?
heard you can buy fusion projectiles by themselves now but haven't seen them in nz yet.
20 Feb 2016
@ 04:37 am (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: New Browning bullets
%85 copper & %15 polymer by their info so its a damn big tip on the action picture at the bottom of the page shows feeding out the mag.

They also make it look grey, like lead in the mushroom pictures, Sneaky.



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