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Innox for barrel protection.

19 Feb 2016
@ 12:03 pm (GMT)

Peter McDowall

Hi Nathan, Recently I have begun using a light coat of Innox as a final patch out of my barrels. You did Mention somewhere you were unsure of how it would affect the accuracy and or barrel integrity if it was shot through.

I always pull a bore snake through, before using my rifles. I think of it as a final check to clear the bore of any debris as well as to remove the preservative coat.

Do you or anyone on the forum have any update on shooting through Innox?


19 Feb 2016
@ 09:06 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Innox for barrel protection.
Hi Peter, I don't have any updates on this. If the coating is light (as a lightly swabbed field lube), you could try shooting over it at the range (no pre dry pull through) to see how it effects POI.

It would have to be laid thick to hydraulic the barrel.


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