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Re: P-14 found in the bottom drawer

19 Feb 2016
@ 03:18 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

hi Paul.

that's a good score i'm lucky to find a stapler in my desk draw

i think your talking about the thread for my p14 project so ill try give you as much info as i can.

if your rifle is a p14 the bolt face is designed for the 303 brit rim so there no need to open it up for the belted magnum cases.
if its got a p17 bolt it'll need work.

i got a 308 norma magnum reamer made by mason reamers to suit the 208gr amax's the coal for this set up is longer then the standard C.I.P specs.
if you wanted to run standard spec coal you, i would suggest finding a 30.06/p17 mag and bottom metal.
you will how ever need to file/mill little bit of the receiver to fit it.
you may also need to modify extractor.
if you want to run the longer 208gr amax's then whole mag will need to be modified.

trigger is simple get a timney they have a special one for the p14 and p17 not a standard mauser but in the same price bracket.
check if cocking piece has been modified thou as this causes issues ,as it did on my other mauser

the biggest issue is the barrel shank needs to be wider then the standard 1.230" as the receiver a bigger diameter then most standard guns.
my project is currently with trueflite trying to workout if they can fit the barrel.

check if your serial numbers match specially the barrel and receiver?
the receivers are known to crack and the barrel will need to be relieved cut before unscrewing, if its the original barrel its less likely to be cracked.

any questions don't hesitate to ask ill try my best to answer them.


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