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Devcon is cheaper.....

17 Feb 2016
@ 12:29 am (GMT)

Mark McClure

It's true Devcon is cheaper ...... BUT the match grade bedding compound is soo much better. From the moment starting to mix you know that this is a serious product. The consistency was good the amount of particles shows that it is designed to do the job.

This was the first time I used the match grade bedding compound and from now on it will be the only thing I use.

My experience was mixed...... I fluffed up the insertion of the pillars, not enough taping of the stock, dodgy cleanup due to panicked tying of bungys to ensure even pressure. I pulled the action twice and considered the jobs farked with bubbles and voids unavoidable.

Well.... After pulling the action I can tell you that the job looked great. Still needs a bit of a tidy up but I am happy.



17 Feb 2016
@ 02:11 am (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: Devcon is cheaper.....
It gets easier & the panic stops after a few Mark, hahahaaa

If l can offer some advice for anybody reading PREPERATION IS THE KEY, dummy fit the action just before the pour as if you had the compound in, stand back and give things a good look. Where is my tape or bungies, q-tips, rags, heat gun etc. on the bench.

You have plenty of time even after mixing is complete, Nathan has made sure of that.

I have done a fair few now and still find the whole job very rewarding, one step in setting up a long term, reliable, accurate rig using Nathan's steps.

Great fun, hope it shoots for you!

17 Feb 2016
@ 03:36 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Devcon is cheaper.....
Thanks Mark. I think a key factor is that Devcon is not a rifle bedding compound. Nor does it come with bedding instructions or any other support of this nature.

Thanks again for the kind feedback, Steph and I are both very grateful.
18 Feb 2016
@ 01:36 am (GMT)

Eric Bergey

Re: Devcon is cheaper.....
I have very recent fist hand experience with this issue. I used Devcon as a cheap alternative to the matchgrade bedding compound. When I first started to mix the Decon I knew there would be an issue. I could see no metal material at all, other than the blackish-grey color, there was no metal particles I could tell. I bedded my 35 whelen anyway. When I pulled the job, it looked ok, a few minor air bubbles. I then started to clean up edges and get the fit right. This is where I really saw an issue. The Devcon was very easy to mark and scratch with tools, even my fingernails could mark it if I tried hard enough. It was basically just plastic. Not very hard or dense. It turns out that due to a botched pillar I had to re-do the job. While Dremeling out the Devcon it was apparent how weak it was. It truly was just a plastic-y epoxy. It came out like butter under the Dremel. Nathan set me straight and I got the Matchgrade.

There is a huge difference. Matchgrade is much heavier and denser. There are lots of metal particles, so much that it separates in the container and needs a really good mixing. It is also much harder to scratch with tools and the like. It was a lot easier to work with, just the plasticine included in the kit alone made it worth the money for shipping to the states. I know I will never try another bedding compound again. Thanks to Nathan and Steph!
18 Feb 2016
@ 02:48 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Devcon is cheaper.....
Wow, that's awesome thanks Eric! Your email a couple of days back put a smile on our faces. Thanks for posting here, I was hoping you would chime in and share this because your project mirrored Mark's to some degree, both projects occurred at around the same time from Devcon start to MatchGrade finish.

I really liked your job because of the potential- an accurate .35 Whelen for woods and cross valley work. A bush gun with reach! Seems to be going very well already judging by the photo you sent shooting factory Buffalo Bore ammo. Excellent! Should go extremely well with hand loads.

22 Feb 2016
@ 07:38 am (GMT)

Jacob Jensen

Re: Devcon is cheaper.....
Here in Scandinavia Devcon is not cheap! The reason i have been using Devcon (#10112) is that it is thicker and not so "messy" to work with. But i guess you can use the MG bedding compund the same way if you just let it harden up a bit before using it (when mixed).... ?

22 Feb 2016
@ 01:50 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: Devcon is cheaper.....
Read the bedding instructions and watch the videos. The TBR Match Grade bedding compound is in my opinion the best product for the job? Give it a try and find out.
22 Feb 2016
@ 05:41 pm (GMT)

Cor Nepgen

Re: Devcon is cheaper.....
Hi All,

I just finished bedding my .30 06 M700 with the Match Grade Bedding Compound. I don't have any experience with other kinds of epoxy or other kinds of alternatives. It took me two tries to get it (My mistakes not the product.)

I think apart from the product being exceptionally nice to work with, the amount of information on how to go about the job is really thorough. This forum has a lot of info in threads, the videos and book really cover all the basis.

So for me the support and advice alone makes it worth while! (And being from South Africa with an absolutely silly exchange rate I think it says a bit.)

I really enjoyed the whole process and think it came out rather nice! Hope to get time to go to the range this weekend to check results!


22 Feb 2016
@ 08:41 pm (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: Devcon is cheaper.....
If Nathan & Steph's steps are followed the mess won't be an issue Jacob, just part of the job.

You can let the compound sit to cure a little but as said many times the consistency works in your favour, allowing excellent flow around some very interesting action designs. Any excess easily escapes without applying lots of pressure to the barrel/action.

I have discussed the compounds viscosity with Nathan at length, there was many hours of testing put into the final product by TBR and just as importantly by end users.
Having trialled many types and even modifying viscosities of some, the TBR product is by far the easiest and most consistent bedding compound I have found bar none.

As some may or may not admit, getting the mix ratio right on other products can be a challenge. End result a soft bed that may or may not cure in time, or compound that starts to harden & becoming even thicker before the action is fully home forcing you to apply lots of pressure. Just a few things l have experienced messing around with other compounds.

Hope the 06 accursing is going well for you Cor!
22 Feb 2016
@ 08:54 pm (GMT)

Gerry Moriarty

Re: Devcon is cheaper.....
I like the product so much that I have 7 kits ready for use when time permits. I haven't used Devcon and I don't know if the manufacturer even cares that the product is used on firearms. I know that Nathen is a strong firearms enthusiast and hunter. As am I, so it seems like a no-brainer to support it.
22 Feb 2016
@ 09:35 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Devcon is cheaper.....
Hi Jacob, yes, as you say, it can be left to thicken or if you really must have it thicker, we can supply a thickener (use the comments box).

But as Marty says, while it may 'seem' better to have a stiff product (when I started, this is what I wanted), this can really catch us out once we encounter more difficult action designs / angles / floating lugs etc.

This is a bit like shooting technique. What seems easier versus that which is optimal.

05 Mar 2016
@ 07:17 am (GMT)

john feyereisn

Re: Devcon is cheaper.....
I will be honest, I hate spending money, I admit it, I am cheap. I know two guys who are avid competetive benchrest shooters at local and regional matches and most of their rifles are bedded with devcon or jb weld and they are more than competetive, so it can be done, if you you hold your mouth just right. That being said, i have used devcon and i would not again. while i am cheap, I dont feel I am wasting money using Nathans product, the consistancy is perfect, the release agent works, ect. It just plain works. As they say, buy once, cry once. The only thing that makes me cringe a little is the shipping cost to the US, and it is not nathans fault where i live.


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