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Re: BSA CF2 in 30-06, Rebarrel to 35 Whelen ?

15 Feb 2016
@ 06:35 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

this thread really does make interesting reading.
not sure how hard it is to do a second chamber cut from 35 whelen to 35 whelen improved, as there's always an option of starting with one then going to the improved, but its a lot of hassle when you could just start with the improved one.
first thing i thought when i saw the thread talking about improved whelen was it makes dies hard to get.
a quick search shows both rcbs and redding make improved whelen dies.
there's the lee custom collet and seating sets to.
hmm decisions eh Warwick hope your enjoying the project.

on a 2nd note as you asked, just waiting on trueflite to go into production on there barrels then it'll be full steam ahead on the 35/303.
i am thinking of ordering a boyds lee enfield butt stock to add some length of pull and better lines compared to military butt stock, but that maybe down the line more


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