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Re: BSA CF2 in 30-06, Rebarrel to 35 Whelen ?

15 Feb 2016
@ 01:44 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

This is the thread that just keeps giving huh.

OK, I did order an AI reamer and all the reamers cleared customs a few hours ago.

Warwick, you were toying with the idea of having the barrel longish to keep velocities up. If you do go this way and and also go with the AI, it will make a wee bit of a difference and give you some powder BD versatility.

The AI cases will last a long time and you can still run factory ammo through it- if NZ is ever properly re-supplied. The fireforming is no big deal and you could in a pinch fireform with the 180gr XTP pistol bullet as these are generally cheaper to obtain and shoot OK regardless of the 1 thou difference. But- you may need to make sure the case mouth is wide enough, without any spring back after the size up (unless you want to fire them backwards as chunky boat tails LOL).


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