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Re: Ruger Precision Rifle, barrel options

14 Feb 2016
@ 12:52 am (GMT)

Mike Davis

hmmmmm interesting thread,Ive read a wee bit about .22/243 sounds like a lot of fun for a barrel burner....could double as deer rifle for daughter if you stuck a good barnes TTSX in it and kept range sensible (bit like .243 really)
agree with Nathan's comment on the .308 use it and learn it you COULD do all your asking with just that one barrel...110grn -125grn varmit loads or even 55grn accelerators if you could keep them accurate right through to a good 180 grn for haevier stuff with a 150-165 grn super accurate load for everything in between.
I would set up both rifles for either end of the spectrum and leave it at that...bit like me owning a .223 and a .270...with a .39mm for close bush stalking


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