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Re: Are lee Enfield proofs still valid

11 Feb 2016
@ 08:19 am (GMT)

Mike Davis

Nathan Ive read just about every hunting book ever published here in N.Z. and the cullers did have a few incidents........most were with hangfire ammo,they would be into a mob and get click start working bolt and boom would throw bolt out back of action.the other one that stands out was a certain Mr Crump was know to go through a fair few rifles as the actions has siezed......caused by putting rifle under water and shooting trout!!!!!!!
read that one from a few different places.
I know of a chap who wanted to blow up a .303 action for demonstration purposes,they plugged barrel with dirt twice and it cleared it self then tried dowel,same thing,in the end they threaded a bolt in muzzle...that wrecked it,cant remember if it split barrel or destroyed action .DONT TRY THIS AT HOME.


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