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Re: .303 Wildcat or conversion for an Enfield P14 Action

18 Jan 2016
@ 04:31 am (GMT)

Ben Grady

Thanks Thomas

I will google the two calibers you mention and see if they spin my wheels.
By a large receiver is that the threaded part by chamber?
My barrel is made to any dimensions, we (me and gunsmith) just let the barrel maker know the sizes for each part of the profile shape that we want. I would have thought it would be similar to my P17.
I have read a 303 Epps improved is similar to a 308's ballistics?.
More homework required.
I am open to any suggestions, sure I could just buy a new rifle in any caliber but what fun is there in that. You sure learn a lot when doing a new build/conversion, than you would buying off the shelf.


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