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8mm SST

16 Jan 2016
@ 09:31 pm (GMT)

Tony Potter

Howdy All.
Just wondering if anyone has tried 170g Sst in a 8x57 Mauser and how it performed etc.


17 Jan 2016
@ 12:50 am (GMT)

Helmut Pleiter

Re: 8mm SST
Hi Tony.
I've been using them for about a year now after Nathan tricked up a sporterised 8x57 Husky for me. They are absolute dynamite from point blank out to 200 yards. Haven't had any opportunity to shoot any further with them yet, but Nathan reckons that my current load would be good out to 600 yards (watch this space). More than 90% of my shots have been one shot kills. I hope that there isn't anything in the rumours that Hornady might be discontinuing them. But even if that was true, I've got quite a stash of them ;-)
They are definitely worth a try in any 8x57, and if yours shoots them accurately you can thank your lucky stars.
17 Jan 2016
@ 01:21 am (GMT)

Tony Potter

Re: 8mm SST
Thanks for the reply Helmut.
Just looking at a m98 mauser.Have it on loan at moment supplied with 170g Hornady RN hand loads & fitted with a real old 2x scope.4 shots at just under an inch at 75 yards plus one magpie at same.And with stock trigger.If the price is right ☺
22 Jan 2016
@ 03:22 am (GMT)

Tony Potter

Re: 8mm SST
Well the price was to good to pass up.For a cool $300 now the new owner of my first M98.Can't find 170 SSTs anywhere.I've got some 150g Hot Cores on the way.Just going to use this as my hack rifle around the farm for when the Pigs are a rooting.


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