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Ruger American

10 Jan 2016
@ 06:01 pm (GMT)

Brendon Greig

Hi guys I have a mate looking at a ruger american in 7mm08 for a deer rifle he hadn't heard of 7mm08 before so I told him it's basically a metric (modern equivalent of a) 308 would this be a simple and easy way to explain it and what are your thoughts on the ruger american rifles as an entry level rifle he want be shooting great distances probably only out to 300 yards and don't think he will bother bedding either
Thanks in advance for any replies


10 Jan 2016
@ 08:36 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Ruger American
Hi Brendon, that is an odd analogy but it will suffice so long as your friend understands that the bullet diameters are different and that they are not interchangeable. I get where you are coming from. Another 'simple' add on is to say that the 7mm-08 fires slightly lighter bullets than the .308 does. It should also be noted that when it comes to readily available factory ammo offerings, the .308 wins out as far as hard hitting bush loads go. The 7mm-08 has no ballistic advantage as many imagine once we get away from published theory and into real world hunting as far as the common 'I just want to buy some ammo and bush hunt or possibly shoot to 200-300 yards' goes.

The Ruger American rifles that have arrived in NZ have so far proven to be very adequate rifles. I cannot however speak for all of them. Reloaders Supplies also keep a stock of aftermarket triggers which should be taken into consideration. You will also notice that I have written a section on the budget rifle in my latest book for consideration.


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