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Bedding Knox after rebarrel

02 Jan 2016
@ 12:51 pm (GMT)

Mark McClure

I was thinking about how to bed the knox of a new barrel in a existing bedded action. The thing to avoid is the new bedding material migrating into the existing. If a small dam is placed between the old and the new, in effect a small gap between the materials it could be possible to achieve the bedding after a barrel change. The negative of this is that the bedding is not continuous however it would provide the support and damping required.

The dam could be maybe foam or plasticine just high enough to stop the ingress but low enough to compress.

Any thoughts on this approach?


02 Jan 2016
@ 05:10 pm (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: Bedding Knox after rebarrel
I have always ground mine out along with the pre-existing action bedding and started over.
02 Jan 2016
@ 11:14 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Bedding Knox after rebarrel
Hi Mark, two options:

1. Partially grind out the knox bedding so the knox has 1mm / 40 thou float, check that the lug is aligned (if the action is a Remington / washer style lug), then test shoot. You'll need to perform the 1 O'clock test from the book series to double check lug alignment.

2. As Bryan says, simply start over.

Possible 3. Try to rebed the knox, balls it up as tends to happen no matter what we try, then have to rebed the whole thing anyway.
03 Jan 2016
@ 01:10 am (GMT)

Mark McClure

Re: Bedding Knox after rebarrel
Call it lazy or just trying to be efficient I was contemplating ways to maintain the bedding, hence avoid a rework. If a collapsible/compression dam was used between the existing bedding and the know bedding it could possibly work.

Thinking about what you mentioned about the lug it may cause an issue, however leaving a space at the join would not interfere with the existing lug alignment.

The action I have to redo is a Tikka in 223. I will try option 1 first then if needed bed knox, nothing to loose and unless the collapsible dam has been tried before and proven not to work.... then if that fails start again.



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