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Most Common Bedding Mistakes

02 Jan 2016
@ 12:39 am (GMT)

Mike Kush

I'm about to bed my Sendero, and want it to be a one time thing. Its my first bed job.

Nathan, and others,
What are the usual / most common mistakes?
What is the most critical part to do perfectly?

Have the kit, the book, the youtube vids.



02 Jan 2016
@ 04:07 am (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: Most Common Bedding Mistakes
Mike a few things l sea lot in no particular order

Stress placed on the action during curing, Keep it free floating!! Set up the action height with the barrel as Nathan & Steph show, that's a big one..

Not enough clearance around the blind (dummy) action screws in the mortor.

Relief of the recoil lug, again follow the steps.

And release agent application. The Rems are the easiest action to work with. Take you're time, recheck as you go, follow the steps and have fun!

04 Jan 2016
@ 07:55 pm (GMT)

Mike Kush

Re: Most Common Bedding Mistakes
The stress on action being from binding too tight right?

I'm assuming the release agent in the kit is enough, and I don't need the graphite?

04 Jan 2016
@ 10:57 pm (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: Most Common Bedding Mistakes
Sorry Mike l was a little vague with my answers!

Yes, any resistance to the action sitting in the compound will cause you to apply a lot of binding pressure on the action to get it down to the final height you need during bedding. You would be amazed to see how much the action will bow with what seems very little pressure, end result a preloaded (bowed) action due to the bed shape.
The check for that is in Nathans books, ie. undoing one action screw to see if it wants to climb out of the stock.

I now use the graphite powder over the release agent on all my jobs, it's cheap and won't hurt anything, just dust it off gently.

Have a look through the old posts, a few of use have listed our own jobs following Nathans steps. You will get to see things done by us, weather wrong or right and you may get some pointers to help out.
10 Jan 2016
@ 09:26 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Most Common Bedding Mistakes
Sorry Mike, I am on my break at the moment so I missed this.

The most common mistakes:

1. As Marty said- Too much tape on the headless screws and action is stressed due to being forced down. Make sure the taped screws have some clearance.

2. Too much of the bead is removed during the initial cure, resulting in suck backs / low spots.

3. Not degreasing the stock after handling plasticine. Fingers transmit oil residues to the bedding surface resulting in poor adhesion. Whether dealing with wood, plastic or ali, the surface must be degreased after keying the surface (and or burn prep) and applying plasticine- just before bedding.


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