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random pattern

30 Dec 2015
@ 04:31 pm (GMT)

mark korte

Hi Guys -

I have a friend with a Rem. 700 30-06 that seems to have suddenly decided to produce random groupings (up to 8" off). He has owned the rifle for some years and has been satisfied with it until recently. He has tried different factory loads that have worked well in the past and it does not seem to be the scope. He has cleaned the barrel. The rifle has not been bedded, but it is a run of the mill hunting rifle and not a long distance shooter and anyway as mentioned, shot fine in the past. I have not had a chance to look at the rifle, but does this sound like possibly a muzzle burr?
Thanks for your insight - Happy New Year!



30 Dec 2015
@ 09:19 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: random pattern
hi mark.
only suggestions here.
check muzzle for damage.
hand lap barrel you never know whats in there.
if no improvement try mock bedding.
maybe check all scope mount screws and try different scope.

it might be a process of elimination so hopefully you can get your hands on the rifle

30 Dec 2015
@ 11:01 pm (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: random pattern
Just to add to the above reply, check if the barrel is free floated or otherwise and also the action screw torque settings and take those into consideration.
02 Jan 2016
@ 07:26 am (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: random pattern
scope bases have caused me enough grief to add them tricky wee huas to the list of "must checks"
also the nut behind the butt...might be issue...try rifle yourself maybe??


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