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Re: Trying to order bedding products

29 Dec 2015
@ 02:18 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

I'm sure that the product has many other uses? How would it be for alloy boat repairs gluing timber, concrete, tiles, flow filling cracks and gaps. As a water pipe thread sealer hose to tail fitting sealer......? I'm just throwing it out there! Look at the Wright brothers using bicycle cement to glue the propeller nuts on the Wright flyer.? Increase your sales by finding new avenues and uses? Just saying. As for the freight issues do what Ebay did and set up your own small volume freight forward company? When I was in the Cook islands fixing fishing boats I needed parts from NZ it was going to cost crazy $$$ for the freight until I was told that a group of island companies had one of those big alloy air freight boxes booked on one flight every day and between them it was a very affordable price and they always got what they needed delivered? I just did a Goggle search for "international freight forward companies NZ . Plenty of them to contact.


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