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243 Win/ 95 Berger Test

08 Apr 2011
@ 12:22 am (GMT)

Jim Moseley

Ran the test on the 243 win/ 95gr Berger. Loaded H414, win mag primers, 42 to 44 grs in increments of .2. All 4 shot groups with the best at .567. The strange thing was that in all groups there was one flyer that would be 1.5 to 2.0 inches from center of group and no order to the flyer. All loaded 40 thousandths off the lands. Checked all screws on scope and action before testing. Any ideas????


08 Apr 2011
@ 03:39 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 243 Win/ 95 Berger Test
Hi Jim, OK there are quite a few possibilities. I would like more info so if you can bare with me, we’ll get started.

Regarding the bore:

Have you tested other bullets in the Savage, if so, did they also produce fliers. If you have tested other bullets and accuracy was good, were the bullets flat based or with a vastly greater bearing area.

How was the fouling, is there a complete lack of fouling when you look into the muzzle. When you look into the muzzle from 30-45 degrees, can you see circular tool chatter marks to the point that the barrel looks like it is micro threaded.

Regarding the action:

Are bot of the bolt locking lugs contacting their abutments. Take a felt marker and mark the rear of the lugs, chamber a fired case, extract the case, extract the bolt and study the lugs for both contact and burrs.
Regarding the bedding:
Is the rifle bedded and is the forend (if plastic), stiff or flexible. Is the forend free floated. Is rifle stock fit a stable platform for accuracy.

Regarding the shooter:

Check your shooting technique for repeatability. More to the point, check for things that you may be doing, which may be changing or stressing the rifle, which would provide an indication that the bedding is out of order/ easily disrupted.

Ok, that’s a starting point anyway. Right now, we don’t need to be looking at finer variables such as case run out etc. We are looking for more dramatic variables at this stage.

Cheers, Nathan.


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