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Information/Tips wanted on using a chronograph.

27 Dec 2015
@ 07:12 pm (GMT)

Ben Grady

Hi Guys

Here is a reply I posted on my P17 Project 25 06 thread.
I am new to chronys so any tips/advice on their usage would be appreciated. Mine is the Blue, "Beta Master Chrony". I set it up with the screen cord at full stretch, say 4-5m away with the sun shields. The chrony was sitting on the ground and I was testing a suppressor so muzzle blast probably wasn't an issue.
It was a hot, sunny day, with a tail wind. I was shooting prone off the bi-pod with a back rest. Below is the reply to Bob Mavin.

Hi Bob

Yes I agree with you. I am not that savvy with the chrony yet, After each shot I would write the speed down. After I had written it down, some of them came up with ( error ) on the screen. But I didn't want to re shoot as it was a stinking hot day, in bright sun light, No shade and the target at only 100 yards was a blurry mirage. It was hard shooting and the barrel was heating up fast. So I decided that I had enough evidence that things were good and It was sighted 2 inches high at 100 yards so it is good to good for hunting medium ranges. And that once we get some rain I can get to the range and shoot off the "Caldwell Rock" front rest and sand bag back rest. Which should help even more. In hindsight I should have marked the ones that came up with "error".

I am still thinking my loads are around the 3200fps mark. Could they jump up to 3400fps because of a hot barrel?.
I know Nathan isn't happy with my velocity of 3200fps, but it seems a safe load at book max, no pressure signs that I can pick.

Will keep posted once I can get to the range.


28 Dec 2015
@ 08:12 pm (GMT)

Brendon Greig

Re: Information/Tips wanted on using a chronograph.
Hi I were using one of the chrony chronographs don't worry to much about an error coming up (error 1 or error 2 ) I believe that it only means that the 1st or 2nd screen didn't get a proper reading that can be caused by as little as the bullet being off to one side or a little high or the sun not giving the right shadow when you fired they can be temperamental some times
28 Dec 2015
@ 08:29 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Information/Tips wanted on using a chronograph.
Yes, if you can wait for an overcast day, that would be ideal. I also find that bright blue sky can cause high readings at this time of the year. If you are going to chrony on these days, try to get your readings around 8-9am.


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