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my expereance thus far with a warranty claim on a scope

17 Dec 2015
@ 12:18 am (GMT)

john feyereisn

i have a 2-7x 32mm scope that is about 3 years old and i have had on shotguns for turkey setups and slugs and a muzxleloader ect, and this fall i had it on my 270 mod 700 and when i adjusted it up and laft too far, i had to move it down and right, up and left tracked just fine, and it would not move down or right, i tapped on the turrets, point of impact did not move i shot about 6 rounds that way with all groups measuring between 1" and 2" at 200 yds. at that point the scope came off, and went in for warranty. the scope was reurned with the following description: "inspect scope, found paralax to be off, set paralax at 100 yds, secure objective cell, clean and purge scope"
I feel like they are blaming the adjustments not working on paralax, i never had large groups, just decent groups that were not where i want them. or is there a chance that paralax being off could do something optically to screw with the point of aim. the adjustments have been sticky since this scope was new, this last time was rhe first time they were this bad.
i am not sure what "secured objective cell" means
i will give it a try at the range, but my gut feeling is that it will not be any better.
any thoughts from someone that knows more than i do about scopes


17 Dec 2015
@ 01:08 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: my expereance thus far with a warranty claim on a scope
Hi John, I have seen this before, the actual objective lens up front coming away from its mounting, it is not common. And yes, it makes a big difference.

I hope that helps put your mind at ease.

The following test is far less dramatic than a breakdown as you have experienced but nevertheless.

If you have a cheap generic fixed power scope on your .22LR......

Take the scope on your .22LR rifle and look at a target 10 yards away. Move your head side to side a tad and note how the crosshair shifts. Now look at a target 25-50 yards away where you might normally use the .22. It still moves, but less dramatically (but enough to stuff up head shots if hunting small game for pelts). The POA shifts about 1" at 50 yards depending on how you set your cheek and center your eye.

The parallax for your scope is no doubt set at 100-150 yards. However, it is worth noting that some rush together jobs may be set anywhere from 10 to 1000 yards. But if the scope is set right, it should be parallax free at around 100 to 150 yards. Shift your head slightly at this range and the crosshair movement should be minimal. The trouble is, this setting is not ideal for a .22 if it is being used at ranges of 25-75 yards.

Now, take the .22LR scope and loosen the front bell. If the butt of the gun is on the ground, chamber empty, barrel up, rotate the very front of the bell anti clockwise. This is merely a lock ring for the obj lens. Once the outer lock ring is cracked off and removed, you will be able to wind the inner lens in our out to adjust the parallax. On a .22, you want to be parallax free at around 50 yards depending on the type of hunting you are doing.

If the lens actually breaks its bond, it can become completely misaligned. This is different to that which I have just described and more akin to the breakdown you had John.



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