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Re: New 358 barrels

12 Dec 2015
@ 08:26 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

hi jason.
being a wildcat the reamer had to be custom as i don't believe gunsmith would have one.
me and Nathan discussed few options to try and avoid needing to get custom reamer, but in the end it just seemed like the best option.
not to sure if gunsmiths have a good deal going with reamers makers but at a guess if i paid for the gunsmith to organize it plus the mark up i would be no better off.
not sure if with one off jobs gunsmiths charge full price for reamer and client gets reamer or not??
by doing it myself it means i can rent it out if anyone's interested to try and offset some of the cost.
i really need to start a thread as i believe i have hi jacked another of your threads sorry warwick


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