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Montana Rifles?

23 Nov 2015
@ 09:43 pm (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Does anyone have any recent dealings and feedback with any Montana Rifles? ASR or Extreme.

The specs read very well, are they a little too good to be true?.........
Selling at around $1100-1400 OZ which is priced in with a base Rem SPS or Tikka T3.
Some specs are;
Controlled-round feed action, can single feed, hand lapped lugs, classic style Win trigger and generous mag length. Combines the best features of the pre-64 Model 70 Winchester & 98 Mauser along with a few tweaks.
Stainless or blue, right or left hand, Bell & Carlson carbon fibre Kevlar reinforced stock with aluminium bedding block, epoxy-bedded at the recoil lug and about an inch of the knox.

Any thoughts or experiences, sounds pretty good for a production rig!


23 Nov 2015
@ 11:06 pm (GMT)

Wayne Woodard

Re: Montana Rifles?
I wondering the same thing myself when I seen the price for under $1100. Their website doesn't actually say if they use the same action as
the 1999. Cleavers state they have the Extreme in blued which doesn't correlate either.
24 Nov 2015
@ 12:25 am (GMT)

Bob Mavin

Re: Montana Rifles?
Hi guys. just check!!!
I remember my gunsmith telling me not to buy???? can't remember if it was the later Montana or not but he said the barrel wasn't threaded to the action instead it was shrunk or sweated together?

I was told the Mauser 12 isn't threaded either.
24 Nov 2015
@ 12:50 am (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: Montana Rifles?
Yep a bit confused and very limited info which is typical of whoever runs the website (another compony I was told when questioning other items).
They also list the ASR-SS for $1090 in many cals which would seem to be a good price for a solid rifle. Not as cheap down here though.

Hoped some of the US guys may know a bit more about them.

Looking for info on the factory rigs as l have a few mates wanting rifles and these seem to tick all the boxes for out to med range general work.

Nathan gave me a try of Steph's Montana 7Rm when l was over and spoke very highly of it, was great to shoot but it had the usual Foster tweaks and possibly a TF barrel as well.
24 Nov 2015
@ 12:52 am (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: Montana Rifles?
Thanks Bob will see if l can chase that down!
24 Nov 2015
@ 02:51 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Montana Rifles?
There are a few rifles that wear the logo "Montana" so in that regard, it pays to be careful.

The actual Montana M99 rifle is as they say, the best of both worlds. The casting is a straight M70 casting, no base differences. Both worlds because it utilizes a one piece floorplate (modern) with the traditional M70 action and trigger design. This means you only have the two action screws to contend with and a very basic trigger to tune. It has the great big M70 recoil lug and the sexy M70 lines extending out to the tang. The overall feel of this type of action is that of robustness. We do not see much of this these days as companies continually strip away more metal to save costs. If we keep on in this direction, all we will be left with is a sling and a projectile.

Yes, Steph's rifle wears a True-Flite 4 groove (canted grooves) barrel and shoots one hole groups (7mm rem mag, 162gr A-Max at 3030fps / 24"). Hers was purchased as a basic action, no accurizing. So the lugs had to be lapped etc before we started. No major issues, just the usual check ups. I cannot fault this action design in any way.

My thoughts, if you can find one of these at a sharp price, go for it. Under $1100- hell yes. Try finding an M70 for that price.

But do make sure it is a Montana M99 and not another brand of rifle.


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