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IMR 4451 Powder ?

14 Nov 2015
@ 07:15 pm (GMT)

Jeff Auton

Has anyone tried the new IMR 4451 powder in the 338 Win?


15 Nov 2015
@ 08:58 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: IMR 4451 Powder ?
Hi Jeff, I have not tried this yet. Should be a good powder to play with.
24 Nov 2015
@ 07:41 pm (GMT)

Ralph Junius

Re: IMR 4451 Powder ?
I have limited experience as I am still developing loads using this powder. It does not meter well thru my Neil Jones or original Culver powder measures so that it is difficult to develop loads at the range. That said it measures great thru my RCBS electric measurer so I load it at home and then go to the range. If it is nearly as good as advertised, it will certainly be a miracle powder.


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