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So what does it mean this fouling ?

13 Nov 2015
@ 05:03 am (GMT)

Chris Bayley

So what does a copper fouling pattern like the photo below indicate ?
Forgive me if the question is a bit basic, I still have a lot to learn. It's just that I am accustomed to seeing photos of fouled lands but my most serious fouling is between the lands. The fouled lands have mostly cleaned up with about 5 applications of M-pro 7 but the groove fouling is up to about 10 applications and still resisting.
Plenty of green still coming out but should we be there by now or does indicate that m-pro might be less effective that say boretech or kg12 ?
Opinions as to the indications of between the lands copper fouling and the effectiveness of M-Pro 7 copper remover are most welcome...


15 Nov 2015
@ 08:47 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: So what does it mean this fouling ?
Hi Chris, could just be a tight bore or it could be a slightly rough finish further back including the throat. The fouling does not look too heavy in comparison to others. May just need a good cut with a bronze brush and aggressive solvent before looking at the actual bore finish versus any need for polishing. Will also pay to take time with the throat.

I think this one may also need it's crown recut, looks like its taken a hit at 1 O'clock.

Other readers not that this is a 4 groove. Looks like 4 grooves, uncanted.
16 Nov 2015
@ 07:19 am (GMT)

Chris Bayley

Re: So what does it mean this fouling ?
Well I got there in the end but it took a little over a day of applying M-Pro7 copper remover, let it sit 1/2hr, rinse repeat.

Interesting the cloudy pattern inside the muzzle in that photo...

Well spotted on that hit on the crown, I hadn't noticed that - will have to attend to it. Thx


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