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Winchester MOA trigger

09 Nov 2015
@ 09:28 am (GMT)

Greg Whorlow

Hello to all, my first post on the site and looking forward to hearing back from you. I have a Model 70 Winchester Extreme Weather 0.270 with a MOA trigger. The trigger actually breaks cleanly with little creep, however, it’s HEAVY. I am planning to adjust it down to 2 lbs, problem is that Winchester states that it can only be lightened to 3 lbs. Have any of you has experience with this, I do understand that there are aftermarket springs available that claim to reduce the weigh. I am trying to understand if I would be best to head down that path or to get a new trigger. Or, should I just have a go and see how light I can get the existing trigger first?
I look forward to your replies.


09 Nov 2015
@ 09:09 pm (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: Winchester MOA trigger
Try adjusting the original first Greg, you may be able to get a weight & feel that you are happy with.

I find with most triggers that once the weight is reduced creep increases or should l say noticeable creep increases which may or may not be the case with yours.
I don't get to carried away with exact breaking weights on mine. A nice crisp, clean break can have a slightly heavier weight and still produce great results.
09 Nov 2015
@ 10:49 pm (GMT)

G Dog

Re: Winchester MOA trigger
Hey Greg,

I had the exact rifle, caliber etc. I adjusted the moa trigger as light as possible and still wasn't 100% happy. Like yours, it was crisp but too heavy. I ended up buying a timney. Very easy to install, got the pull weight to 2.5LBS, but could go lighter as there would end up being to much slack in the trigger itself. I also wasn't happy that my half cock now didn't work. Emailed timney, exchanged a few emails and then nothing and problem still exists. For $230 nzd I wouldn't bother with the timney again on this rifle.

09 Nov 2015
@ 10:51 pm (GMT)

G Dog

Re: Winchester MOA trigger
Sorry, it should read I "couldn't'" go lighter, not could.
10 Nov 2015
@ 05:29 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: Winchester MOA trigger
hi greg.
first of all welcome to the forum.
a couple of things.
if you don't have the accurizing book i suggest you get it, even thou i don't believe it talks about the moa trigger it tells you how to modify triggers plus the safety checks afterwards.
if your not happy with the trigger and thinking about replacing whole unit then you got nothing to loose modifying the spring.
you could order in some of these then modify them leaving the original one untouched in case it goes wrong.
if your in nz reloaders supplies was selling after market springs for tikka's for around $10 not sure if they a similar size so could be an option of a spring to modify.
i got one in my parts box, when you pull the moa spring out, measure it with calipers and i can tell you if they are similar.
best of luck and let everyone know how you get on.
11 Nov 2015
@ 10:55 pm (GMT)

Greg Whorlow

Re: Winchester MOA trigger
Hey guys, thanks for the replies, I have just purchased the entire book package and will settle in to learn as much as possible. I’ll let you know how the trigger adjustment goes and also how I go with my re-loading. Cheers


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