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Re: Browning BLR

01 Nov 2015
@ 01:11 am (GMT)

Mike Davis

hmmm yes trigger is "interesting" long first stage but nice from there, probably no more than 3lb.
hot day with a small breeze
put up some a4 targets and tried it out
#1 I dont like non suppressed
#2 she doesnt like my hastily chucked together load with 125grn seirra 30/30 pills and 50 grns win powder =4"
#3 factory fed 150grn =2 under inch then one out 3"
#4 factory 180grn winchester= 2 nearly touching and 3rd at just over inch,whole group nearly 5" low

#5 I still flinch like a fool at times, caught myself with eyes closed and twice couldnt pull trigger but open and close lever again and went fine/either my partial length checked in chamber..wouldnt let bolt close completely blocking trigger???? or my head playing tricks..... will FL resize from here on in...take spoonfull of cement and harden up.

#6 I think a recrown threading job will be along in not to distant future, then we can fit GW Spartan I guess and she be different beast

looks like it be great bush rifle as it comes up to the eye like a good shotgun.


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