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Nosler Brass

28 Mar 2011
@ 12:25 pm (GMT)

Jim Moseley

Does anyone have experience using Nosler Custom Brass? I was thinking of trying some, but justed thought I'd ask before I spent the money on Nostler versus Winchester.


30 Mar 2011
@ 10:42 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Nosler Brass
Hi Jim, sorry for the late reply, been flat out as per usual, a tutorial LR hunt and today, just finished making video clips of bedding for youtube.

Yes, I have been using Nosler brass from time to time when clients send me rifles for accurizing and supply this brass. Comparing it to Winchester- Win brass is poorly prepped so that the first step, a lot of prep and it really should be annealed straight away as these days, I find some cases will crack on the first firing, many more occuring by the third firing. With Nosler, all the prep is done, the case moths are chamfered properly, just load and go to the range. The brass is slightly softer than Win so no need to anneal in the short term. Nosler is actually a lot like Lapua brass.

As far as case weights go, I don't actually get into this too much. When I am searching for .250-.3MOA, case weight variations are the least important variable. For example, my Practical is still shooting .275" with a low ES, using win brass. I have checked this batch and it does have a huge variation in weight from case to case. On a week to week basis, regarding client rifles, variables such as bore condition appear to be far more critical than case to case weight variations.



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