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browning blr takedown

20 Oct 2015
@ 12:06 pm (GMT)

Tony Marasco

Hi Nathan, just checking in to your excellent site.I thought I would begin a discussion on my latest saddle rifle alteration.A Blr takedown-270win purchased new.I shortened the barrel to 19",l of pull to 13"..o.a.l is around 39" now.Then opened up the barrel channel and replaced bedding material..and the went to a long eye relief scope mounted on the barrel section.It now holds a p.o.i. under trying conditions.I am a .270 guy,staying away from the short fats,.308 etc.I shot it so much I think I wore the trigger in.My question is ,have you or your readers tried any really short barrelled, unusual chambering like this? This of course voided the warranty, and is dismissed by most as foolish , but it really works.I chrono'd 130gr gmx @2960/4* centigrade.I wonder why someone doesn't make a factory rifle for folks like myself, like this.What is your opinion?I am horseback all the time ..cheers


20 Oct 2015
@ 08:12 pm (GMT)

Bob Mavin

Re: browning blr takedown
Hi Tony
That's a lot of powder to try and burn in a 19" barrel. I use similar in 308 win for the same job. With the range of 30 cal projectiles available, I can handle any animal I need to cull, in Australia.
20 Oct 2015
@ 08:25 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: browning blr takedown
Hi Tony, ultra short barrels are common here to the point of absurdity.

What you hasve done is cut down to a minimum, plus a wee bit more without going silly. Your hand loads are going the same speeds as some factory loads from a 22" barrel.

By running a mid burn rate like H4350, it is possible to get fairly good results. You can also use a slightly heavier bullet so that killing remains consistent through the velocity spectrum and with varying game weights.

It is good to mount the scope on the barrel of this rifle, really takes away the problems of a two piece rifle design. I am not a huge browning fan due to the many problems / breakages encountered when one has to work on these rifles however I can see the appeal of this particular example for what you are doing. Years ago, Savage made an M99 takedown rifle if you will recall.

Making accurate take down rifles is not the easiest. In the past I have simply used a bolt action rife with the scabbard running down front fender, not across the fender under my stirrup. But I have also been lucky I suppose. Even though the country here is rugged and slippery, I have never had a horse roll on my rifle. I think the breed / temperament of the horse and its training have as much to do with this as the type of rifle you choose. I am sure you would agree.
26 Oct 2015
@ 07:34 am (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: browning blr takedown
ok Nathan please dont lynch me..there is a fella Scot Trail up North who is building and running VERY VERY short barreled 10" .308....
now to me thats just plain bloody silly..... but apparently deer out to 400yards are taken!!!!!
looks like they are building a "tube rifle" think they are called just a really simple basic lightweight build......a suppressor is a MUST HAVE going that ears are ringing just thinking about firing it bare barrel.
a single shot break open Bakail should fit the bill very well for your needs.
26 Oct 2015
@ 08:01 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: browning blr takedown
just watched video on youtube mike looks more like he done it just to prove he can, i believe its the same guy that built chris mckoy's rifle

i was thinking the same thing about those baikel they are nice and handy and short without having to worry about action length, my mates got one with a basic 6x40 scope on it, still has bugger all rounds through it but shoot pretty good, bit stiff but i think i know how to fix that just got to get my hands on it, next time he's down. they make one in 9.3x74r but i would say that recoil would be rather brisk to say the least.


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