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Re: semi auto .22

20 Oct 2015
@ 06:04 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

hi jason.
have heard that before not sure if its true or not,
might be time to get out the chrono and see? and by how much

can't say much as i don't own one but i have been looking at the ruger american rimfires with interest, i know timney now offers after market triggers, if your not fan of the blade type (apparently you can take spring out of standard trigger if you want to go even lighter) plus you can use the 25 round ruger mags on an a cat licence.
think they come threaded and reloaders had one of the cheapest bare rifle prices

cz's seem to be the most common bolt actions.
talon arms were selling toz rifles through trademe not sure if they still are.

have read a few reviews on those lithgow crossovers but to me they really seemed to of missed the mark on them everything from the trigger to the bedding to the way the action screws to the stock, hopefully they do it better as they move into the centre fire market.


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