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Cleaning a rifle during load development

12 Oct 2015
@ 11:45 pm (GMT)

john feyereisn

I am developing loads for a rem model 700 in 270 that i bought used, i gave it a thorough cleaning when i got it and now after initial sight in and a couple ladder tests i have about 30 rounds fired. After the ladder tests i have some loads i want to try, but i am not sure at what point to clean it, i have had some rifles that need some rounds on a clean barrel in order to shoot their best and i dont want to overlook a good load with a rifle that i dont know wel enough to know how it will react.
Do i load a few fouling shots and give it a good clean? How many?
Do i leave it as is for one more range session?
Do i do one or two passes with solvent and just not clean to bare metal?


13 Oct 2015
@ 05:24 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: Cleaning a rifle during load development
hi john
have you got Nathan's accurizing and maintenance book?
this walks you through the different kinds of solvent etc.
what you may find depending on your barrel is you may not need to remove the copper during your range session but you might need to take the carbon out.
every rifle is different and it takes some experimenting to work out how yours behaves.
13 Oct 2015
@ 07:47 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Cleaning a rifle during load development
Hi, yes, you need to gauge this on a rifle to rifle basis.

The big mistake I see over and over again is folk reading a generic set of break in instructions, then applying that one method to all rifles.

After your prelim session-

If the gun is a really slow copper fouler- don't mess with it until there is a decent build up of copper.

If she is a fast fouler, then you'll need to get that copper out before continuing.

And if I had to guess, being a button rifled 700, yours will need a good clean, then a couple of foulers, then into it. But- that is just a guess without physically inspecting the bore.


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