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Cast Bullet - 270 Winchester

10 Oct 2015
@ 03:16 pm (GMT)

Scott Haenel

Anyone out there shoot cast in the 270 ???

I just started casting for pistol shooting about a year ago, I decided to give it a try for my rifle shooting.

@ less than 7 cents a shoot, this is cheaper shooting than paying friggin arm and a leg for 22s.


10 Oct 2015
@ 07:38 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: Cast Bullet - 270 Winchester
I can see that being fun...a slow/subsonic load for grins n giggles, what weight and configuration are your .270 projectiles?????
11 Oct 2015
@ 07:29 pm (GMT)

Scott Haenel

Re: Cast Bullet - 270 Winchester
I have five or six different molds right now, I made approximately 20-30 bullets for each mold.

I only had a chance to put about 30 rounds down range.

I must have looked like the biggest fool at the range, after my 1st shot I had the biggest grin on my face.

I loaded 30 rounds using:
Winchester LRP
Remington cases
8.8 grains of Unique
Lyman 280468s (108 grain) GC bullet

I was really happy with the results. My Ruger shot 2.8 inches low at 50 yards, but I was able to put 5 into a group of .920" with 1 called flyer off the bench. My worst 5 shot group was 1.3 inches.

I hope to get back out with a couple of sand bags and see what I can do with a steadier setup.

I still have a couple of other bullets to try:
280468l = 117 grain GC bullet
280412 = 139 grain GC bullet
280473 = 124 grain GC bullet
H & G = 150 grain GC bullet
Lee = 125 Grain GC bullet

I don't know about the LEE, the mold drops a bullet that's small compared to my groove diameter, so I may pass on that one.



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