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Hush Puppies

05 Oct 2015
@ 08:45 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

This site has a heap of info about longer range type shooting but little about closer in.
Im not a barrel stretcher so poke my 2 cents worth in from time to time to try to keep things balanced......
there is another whole dimension out there that some fellas go all out with...... subsonic
personally its a bit of fun for me and has a small niche
for me
under 50 yards bunnies and hares
possums up trees (got to watch back stop)
finisher shots
tipping over the house mutton

I use cast 151 grn HP projectiles bought off trademe
6 grns trail boss
magnum primer
in 7.62x39mm case

through GW Spartan suppressor they quieter than subsonic .22

took out sheep yesterday at 50 yards,he facing away and I placed cross hair on top of his head...down like sack of spuds, projectile hardly deformed at all and went 4-6" to front of neck
couldnt ask for more really

anyone else having tootoo with this????


06 Oct 2015
@ 02:05 am (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: Hush Puppies
Yeah I do with my CZ 22LR custom made silencer its the quietest .22LR tube Ive ever heard!

06 Oct 2015
@ 05:51 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: Hush Puppies
im glad this post isn't about shoes (hush puppies) ha ha

im only just starting to play around with cast projectiles and trail boss but i don't own a suppressor. have you tried the 215gr cast in your 7.62x39 im wondering if they will stabilize or not.
im still learning but i think most of those gas checked cast you can push close to 1900-2000fps without issues.
robert walker has just got a 44mag mold to, he's doing few different ones that might be good subsonic not sure how hard they are thou.

06 Oct 2015
@ 08:31 am (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: Hush Puppies
its Robert that I got projectiles off LMAO.
sorry havent tried the heavier ones yet other than the 170grn which is same but without cavity...just fitted some #4 steel shot tightly into cavity on a few and put blob of nail varnish on to hold it in place...may help expansion/may not.....
the big long 212 grn jobs may do the tumble thing
I believe the blackout ones are made squat to try to keep stability being short they may not need to be spun as fast.....
I cant see point in trying to shoot big game subsonic myself, as said above its good for shits n giggles and saving the ears on finishing off shots up close, they are quiet enough without a suppressor to be worth mucking around with. wee pottle of trailboss for $15 lasts ages. another really good use is for recoil shy/flinching shooters...a few phhhhitt loads then a bang or three once nerves have settled.
one thing to be VERY aware of is how much these things ricochet if they dont hit something to stop them.....very un nerving hearing them whizzz off into distance.


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