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Re: Picking bullets for our needs

01 Oct 2015
@ 07:42 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Hi Brendon, if you want to go softer, yes, you can try the V-Max. I can see other good advice in this thread from bullet suggestions to 4 litre engines.

As I have written in the KB, velocity is an important factor when using a small bore. So the first step is to make sure that your loads are up to full speeds. The second aspect is as talked about- shot placement, especially as we lose velocity.

The HP Gameking is a good bullet in its own right. Be sure to study the actual wounding before you completely write it off as I doubt you will be experiencing pin hole wounding unless there is a batch issue.

Sometimes a person tell me that the bullet is not doing its job, but when the person then sets about investigating actual wounding, we sometimes find that the bullet has done as much as it could. So we then have to look at other factors such as the limitations of the cartridge or shot placement. We can always change to a lighter varmint bullet in the .243 for shooting young / light animals but most people are put off by the lack of exit wounding should the same bullet be used on a larger animal that is happened upon unexpectedly. Some people dual load, others will try to find and make peace with one bullet to cover all bases and work on exacting shot placement, others might change calibers. There is much to consider in this regard.


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