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Re: barrel shortning & suppersors

21 Sep 2015
@ 11:06 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Hi Brendon, sorry, just playing catch up here as I have been busy with projects. Sorry also for missing your mail.

OK, so you are at 3030fps with 2213sc. If you go to 20" and change to 2209, I think you will be able to work up to 3150-3200fps and have a good load. This barrel length should work OK and by being a bit shorter and fatter, it will be better regarding the potential muzzle thread diameter and the effects of trapped heat. So in conclusion, you should find that with load development, the rifle can be coaxed to exceed current velocities.

The Ziess will work just fine on that rifle.

Please keep in mind what Thomas said. The smaller the bore, the more reliant we are on high velocity as a mechanism of fast killing. You'll notice that trend as you read through the long range cartridges book.


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