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Re: barrel shortning & suppersors

19 Sep 2015
@ 11:31 am (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Yeah Mike thanks for that. I researched and heard that B4 I ordered mine in 2010. Mine works great and he seamed good to deal with? I mean $110 for my suppressor compared to the moon beams others charge its only a tube with spacers and washers threaded at one end.... and like I said it works and his new stuff looks massive! But I didn't want a flash wank piece to show off!!!!! I just asked Rodge for a super quiet short out front over hang (150mm past barrel) suppressor and he gave me what I wanted no bull shit here you go thanks for the work enjoy your product AND Its SOoooo quiet "click shssss whapp!" So for me he's an all right bloke to deal with from my purchasing experience.
So I don't really give a shit what the others say about him! I don't listen to gossip. You don't know if your not there? Talk is cheap actions prove a mans worth. sorry for the rant. The guy didn't do me any harm and that's all I can base my opinion of his service on! A bit like Einsteins theory about basing a fishes intelligence on how well it can climb a tree??? And the "Black eyed Peas" line about how Haters only hate and when you hate you discriminate! So tell me where is the LOVE ? I think maybe the other suppressor makers are sour because he don't charge the big bucks???? But I don't know because I wasn't there and it's really none of my business???? All I know is that I can kill the TOM cat that pissed on my car seat! As its licking its balls on the front lawn and know one hears a thing!!!!! Thanks Rev Rodge.


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