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338 question from Texas

16 Sep 2015
@ 09:19 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster


I know you're busy on the next book mate (can't wait), so no need to reply.

But I know you've been doing some hunting with the .338 WM lately. Maybe you could share via discussion forum A. why (are the animals much bigger now) or are you testing some theories? -and B. what have been your results?

Dave from TX

Hi Dave,

1. I had finished my .338 research for the site quite some time ago but when I am uploading each section to the KB, I like to hunt with a cartridge of that caliber as I edit and upload my work. It just keeps me focused. Plus I can test new bullets like the .338 A-Max. Most of my .338 thoughts are actually in the cartridges book. The rifle I am currently using is a .338 Edge. But as you know, I have been working on the last book, putting the KB on the back burner. The book will be finished very soon. My goal is to then finally complete the KB.

2. Results. I do prefer a flat shooting seven like my Practical to the .338 for our local game. lately however, I have been spending a great amount of time working with the .338 cal A-Max. There is certainly no need for 285gr bullets on our local game but the research had to be done and I will most likely stick with this until I start shooting .358 again when uploading the next lot of KB articles.

The .338 A-Max has proven outstanding and has been a joy to use in the Edge. The BC was way higher than advertised (which Hornady have now revised but are still shy on what we are getting with True-Flite barrels @ G1 .820). When it hits, it does the business on small through to very large animals including Eland (Thanks Jaco). But out past 800 yards, it does benefit from some body weight resistance- especially if the vitals are missed because while wounding is good, it is sometimes not wide enough to reach out to the liver etc and cause fast killing. But with some body resistance (up around 200lb plus), the A-Max can make up for poor shots after fragmentation, cause a very fast bleed out and a fast kill.

This still does not create a full picture Dave as I am a huge fan of the .358 bore for ordinary hunting ranges. This is a very neglected bore diameter as far as support from bullet makers goes. There are some factors to the .358 that cannot be found in the .338 bore when comparing traditional hunting bullets. Put simply, I need to complete the KB as it lacks the full picture.

The final book is now in its editing phase. It has certainly been a juggling act, especially when trying to balance writing with other work such as ongoing research for U.S bullet makers and so forth.


16 Sep 2015
@ 09:52 pm (GMT)

David Gausepohl

Re: 338 question from Texas
Thanks Nathan. That .338 A-Max has got some insane coefficients!

But I'm glad you're getting back to reporting on the .358s and up soon. I am shooting both the Marlin 336SS Ltd. 35 Remington w/18.5" barrel and a custom Mauser '98 in .35 Whelen.
I've only taken game with the .35 Rem, that a 150lbs sow feral pig at 60 yards, with a handload of mine using Speer's 180gr JFN @ 2400 fps. The shot was quartering away with the JFN entering the R ham, traveling up the spinal column.
I hope to blood the '98 .35 Whelen within the year.

Now get back to that book!
17 Sep 2015
@ 09:10 am (GMT)

Ben Law

Re: 338 question from Texas
good news on the 285 amax.

i just picked some of these up and hope to test some soon in the 338wm.


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