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accuracy with out free floating your barrel?

12 Sep 2015
@ 01:53 am (GMT)

sebastian shand

so i have a question I've been scratching my head over for quite some time.
i have quite a few older firearms such as sporteriesd ww2 rifles and full length wood to the tip of the muzzle rifles which are not free floated. is it possible to tune them into accuracy without free floating? also i suppose the accuracy part is open to interpretation.
also can bedding these types of rifles aid in accuracy at all?
sorry i hope this makes sense I'm not that good at getting the stuff in my head into words


12 Sep 2015
@ 07:42 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: accuracy with out free floating your barrel?
have a watch of this
most of the rifles i believe use pressure points if not fully floated.
if you want to see you could take top wood of and shim under the knox to free float barrel to see if there much difference or use bog(auto body filler) like Nathan talks about in his book.
beside that ill be very interested to see what others say
12 Sep 2015
@ 09:44 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: accuracy with out free floating your barrel?
You've already nailed it Thomas. It all comes down to experimentation.

Both the barrel and wood want to move, depending on heat and moisture etc. So the first port of call is to try and arrest some of this movement with unifrom barrel bedding at set points. The second aspect is to trap the barrel in such a way that it sets up vibrations which are complementary to accuracy. And this requires experimentation with regards to both where you bed and how much tension is applied once the top woods and barrel bands are refitted.

As you say Sebastian, accuracy is a relative term with such rifles. But- it can be very enjoyable attempting to push the boundaries.
19 Sep 2015
@ 12:07 am (GMT)

Eloy Vilavella

Re: accuracy with out free floating your barrel?
I cannot add much but I think two things that might help with old military rifles are:
A) look for bore or crown problems. A worn or damaged crown can be easily fixed.

B) Headspace. Some old rifles had huge tolerances. depending on the rifle this might be easy to fix or otherwise simply neck size or play with larger COAL in the FL sizer to find adequate head-space. If one is getting ready for a hunt then be careful and test the rounds for chambering before you are on the field only to find out your accuracy rounds are not clambering right.

C)Throat erosion. There are several ways to correct this but at some point it might be best to simply re-barrel.

D) Bedding along contacts points might also be a good idea.

E) Some of the other obvious... trigger, LOP, comb position depending on ones size, body complexity and shooting positions, ....

Like others stated, there is no one single recipe to make a rifle shoot better. Sometimes it is the result of one simple adjustment and sometimes the compounding effect of several measures. Independently of the non floating issue all other accuracy directives apply.



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