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08 Sep 2015
@ 09:47 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Slings for rifles are a bit like fishing LURES! made to catch the Fishermen$ wallet not the fish? I got a beautiful padded leather sling with the fancy thumb hole to make it easy to look cool as I took it Walking in the bush where no one was too see how dumb this fool had been with his money!!! I came to my cents's when. One day i was walking and showing off my cool sling ta tha burds n bees (DORK) and it rained. Well they shuld a told me that it was a shower sponge as well....... Cause it was like an auzzie in a Pub! Drinkin up anything that was wet and did it get heavy!!!!!
So I got too thunkin and scheming as ya do flying half ways around tha world to work. I remember seeing them ski n shootin Swedes n Norwegians carrying their shooters like a back pack and remembered a time in steep bush trying to climb with a rifle. So I went to the local craft shop they sell sewing stuff buttons zippers nylon webbing buckles and just about anything a clever fool may need! So I got some buckles and Webbing and made up the following

So there you have it for a grand total of around $20 NZD. I think I paid $92 NZD for that Leather car washing Sponge. I had enough to make slings. and spare to carry for whatever.
The last picture was last nights efforts. Take care and remember ! IDENTIFY YOUR TARGET BEYOND ALL DOUBT!!!!!!!


09 Sep 2015
@ 12:15 am (GMT)


Now that's a sling, I like it. Thanks for the sling in use photo too, since I just started a thread on sling use it's good for me to see what other guys are doing
09 Sep 2015
@ 06:34 am (GMT)


Do you often carry upside down? Just curious not saying it's right or wrong.
Iv been keen on the biathlon style like a back pack for a while.
09 Sep 2015
@ 08:43 am (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Hey Chuck. Yes I saw and read your post. It got me thinking about my sling journey. Didn't want to Hijack your post so I did this one. I'll double wrap the sling like in the picture and as Nathan speaks of in the "HOLD THAT FOREND TUTORIAL DISCUSSION " and will single wrap with a thick jacket on. It means that you can shoot without having to adjust the sling as the bulk of your clothing changes......

Hi Jason either or mate. In thick trees with low branches upside down with TAPE over end of the muzzle so if I slip Its less likely to fill it with dirt. I always check it!!!! (AN OUNCE OF PREVENTION'S BETTER THAN A TON OF CURE) Down side up if in open country. Its an option that the Double sling allows. I will carry upside down on my right shoulder as I can grab the forend with right hand and swing rifle forward rolling it scope up grabbing under mag with left hand and its up to my shoulder and thumbs flip open scope caps Bang! I call it the "Bambi quick draw"
For my 223 I have a double shoulder harness it ties around the pistol grip (Palm swell) and the rifle sits in front of my chest. I can snap shoot with it and if i let the rifle go it hangs barrel down in front of me. I can still walk as its high enough and the 223 is a sweet little Shooter and with the Nightforce 1-4x24 scope its a good close up thick bush rig. The NZ SAS have a chest sling for room to room assault. I saw on a TV doco and I copied it. Ill post some pics when I get back home I didnt bring it with me and I've fitted the old scope from my Sako onto the CZ 223 for a spot of Crow culling. Thanks for the interest guys have a great day. My day had a fantastic outcome see the pic below? 11 point Stag @ 20 meters in the scrub!



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